In this tutorial, Review Concrete Design.

This video contain the following:

1. Use the As(-) Concrete Insufficient Rebar Area command from Output heading.

2. Select the All Failures from Design Output list in the Visualization dialog.

3. Use the Longitudinal rebar pursantage (%-Columns) from Concrete list.

4. Use the Column command from the Design heading.

5. Check the Columns, Forces-Reinforcement Areas, Capacity Diagrams and Moment-Curvature tab.

6. Activate the Caltrans idealized model and stop when a fiber reaches ultimate stress options in the Moment-Curvature tab.

7. Use the Beam command from the Design heading.

8. Check the Beams, Concrete Configuration, Reinforcement Areas, Forces & Details and Deflection & Crackings tab.

9. Use the Slab command from the Design heading.

10. Check the Slabs tab.