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Determination of Unit Dimensions of Lap Siding With Gap

Different views are obtained by arranging the unit dimensions of the lap siding with gap. The dimensions of the unit element appear in the table in the exterior veneer settings dialog. While giving the dimensions, the change of the shape according to the entered dimensions is followed from the front view below. Clicked size line is displayed in red in the preview.

Location of the Lap Siding With Gap Unit Dimensions

You can access the unit dimensions by entering the settings of the exterior veneer command.


Unit height

The height of the unit part is entered. Each unit forms the entire exterior veneer by overlapping and side by side.


It determines the thickness of the siding.

Top gap

It determines the gap width.

Bottom gap

It determines how much the exterior veneer will overlap the gap. Gaps in the unit are calculated automatically according to the entered values.

Gap thickness

It determines the gap thickness.

Part count

It determines how many pieces will be in the unit.

Sample Settings

Sample Settings



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