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Adding a Raster Image

With the Raster Image command, image files in different formats are added to the story, drawing and layout windows in the project. ideCAD * .bmp, * .jpg, * .jpeg, * .tiff, * .png, * .tga, * .sgi, * .pcx, * .psd, * .cut, * .afp, * .ico, * .cur, * .ani, * .pcd, * .fpx, * .pbm, * .pgm, * .ppm, * .sct, * .ras, * .xpm, * .xwd, * .wfm, * .wpg supports formats.

Location of the Raster Image Command

In the Architectural Program

You can access it under the ribbon menu Drawings tab, Primitives title

In the Structural Program

You can access it under the ribbon menu Drawings tab, Primitives title

Usage Steps

To paste a image in the drawing area:

  • Click the Raster Image icon in the ribbon menu .

  • If there is no image selected, the ideCAD will warn you. Clicking the OK button will open the Raster Image Settings dialog.

  • Click the Preview area or the Browse button from this dialog . Select an image file from the Load Image dialog that opens and click the OK button.

  • The selected image will be displayed in the preview area. Set the image sizes and click the OK button to exit the dialog.

  • The image frame with the mouse cursor will be displayed on the screen.

  • Click the point where you will paste the image with the left mouse button. The picture will be pasted in the drawing area.

The location of the pasted image can be changed using the move command. However, the picture cannot be rotated.

Usage step

Selecting the image to be added by clicking Browse from the picture settings dialog

Adjusting the settings in the picture settings dialog

Creating a preview of the selected picture and determining its location

Adding the picture

Picture Settings Dialog

Features and Descriptions


There is a preview of the image.

File name

It contains the file path of the selected image. With the Browse button, a different image is selected.


The width of the image in the drawing area is entered.


The height of the image in the drawing area is entered.


The angle of the image in degrees. When you want to rotate the image, a value is entered in this row.

Save image in project

If checked, the image will be stored in the project. With this option, when the project is saved, the image does not need to be in the external environment. It is stored within the project. If not checked, the image is not stored in the project. The ideCAD looks for the image in the folder to which it was added. When the project is taken to another computer, the image must be taken with it.

Height is proportional to width

If checked, the height of the image is adjusted according to the width entered, according to the original aspect ratio of the image.


If checked, the symmetry of the selected image will be taken.

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