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Slab Modelling - floor coverings; 

(a) transferring  the inertial forces created by the masses on the floors with the effect of earthquake accelerations, together with the beams, if any, to the vertical structural system elements thanks to their high in-plane stiffness, 

(b)   at the same time, and generally more importantly, are horizontal carrier system elements that enable the earthquake loads acting on the building to be distributed among vertical bearing system elements according to their rigidity. It is essential that floors, which may include gaps of various sizes, be modeled appropriately in order to accurately determine the load transfer in their own planes. - According to , in buildings where there are A2 and A3 type irregularities and / or floors are not intended to operate as a rigid diaphragm , and in floor systems without reinforced concrete beams, floors will be modeled with two-dimensional finite elements. - according to A2 and A3 in the absence of significant deformations in-plane type disorder and malaria would be expected to occur regularly, plan buildings, reinforced concrete slabs rigid diaphragm can be modeled. The rigid diaphragm model will also be used in the calculation to be made to take into account the additional eccentricity effect according to 4.5.10 - As a result of the calculation made according to the rigid diaphragm model, the force transferred from the slab in any direction to any vertical carrier system element (column or curtain) will be calculated as the difference of the shear forces obtained in the relevant direction for that element in the floors below and above the slab. 

It will be shown by the calculation that the in- plane forces obtained from the earthquake calculation according to - or are safely transferred from the floors to the vertical bearing system elements. When necessary, additional connection equipment and transfer elements will be used in reinforced concrete floors.

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