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Hall Sheeting Settings

The hall steel sheeting settings are changed by clicking the Steel Sheeting button from the hall settings dialog settings tab. Sheeting settings are made separately for the right, left, top, front and back parts of the hall.

Location of Hall Sheeting Settings

Select the hall where you want to change the steel cladding settings and click the right mouse button. Click the Properties line from the right click menu that opens.

General Tab




The profile used appears. One of the previously defined profiles can be selected by clicking the list, or a new profile can be selected from the dialog that opens when the Load Section button is clicked.

Entity ID

The name of the sheetingin the project.


Sheeting is the color of the border lines. The selection is made on the color palette that is opened by clicking with the left mouse button and holding the button down.


In the solid model of the sheeting, the material to be covered is selected. It is coated with the selected material and displayed as such in the solid model.

Texture world length

Texture length is entered. For example; If 1 meter is entered, the selected material texture is taken as 1 meter and covered on the selected object. If the texture is considered to be in the form of a square, the object surfaces are covered with 1x1 textures arranged side by side.

Structural Tab


Unit weight

The unit weight of the sheeting is entered according to the material used.

Snow load

If available, the snow load is entered.

Live load

Select the appropriate value for live load from the list. The values ​​that appear in the list are the values ​​defined in the slab load library. If you are going to use another value instead of using one value from the list, select "user-defined" from the list and enter a value.

User defined wind loads

Optionally, wind load can be entered on the sheeting elements in wanted directions.

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