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Layer Lock

It may be wanted for some objects to appear on the screen, but not be affected by the edits made. Objects in layers locked with the Layer Lock feature appear on the screen. These objects cannot be interfered with in any way.

To lock the layer;

Layer status


Click the box to lock it.


Click the box to unlock it.

To lock all layers at once;

  • Click the Lock all button in the layer settings dialog.

  • All your unlocked layers will be locked.

To unlock all layers at once;

  • Click on the Unlock all button in the layer settings dialog .

  • All your locked layers will be unlocked.

It is possible to lock and unlock a layer without entering the layer settings dialog. You can do this from the layer list in the toolbar.

  • Open the layer list by clicking the down arrow button on the right of the layer box in the toolbar with the left mouse button.

  • Click the lock sign in front of the layer to be turned off.

  • When you click on the drawing area and return to the drawing, the corresponding layer is locked. You can also unlock a locked layer in the same way.

To lock or unlock objects on the same layer in the drawing area at once;

  • In the Ribbon menu, click the Lock/Unlock Layers icon in the Modify tab.

You can also lock it from the right-click menu.

  • Move your mouse over the object whose layer you want to lock.

  • Click on the right button.

  • In the menu that opens, click Lock Entity Layer.

  • The layer with the object will be locked.

You can also lock and unlock the layers of the imported drawings at once.

  • Click the Lock imported layers button in the layer settings dialog .

  • The layers of the imported drawings will be locked.

  • You can unlock locked layers by clicking the Unlock imported layers button.

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