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Shearwall thickness cannot be less than 1/20 of the floor height.

The Complete Message:

Curtain thickness cannot be less than 1/20 of the floor height. (TBDY 2018

In TBDY 2018 article , in buildings whose structural system consists of walls, if both the conditions given in Equation (7.14) are met, the wall thickness will not be less than 1/20 of the highest k horses in the building and 200 mm.

                              Σ A g / Σ A p ≥ 0.002 and V t / Σ A g ≤ 0.5 f ctd                                                  (7.14) 'Although even the special condition allows wall thickness, story height ratio of 1/20 night will this message is composed.


  • If the height of the story will not change, increase the thickness of the shearwall, with the name and the floor, not less than 200 mm, until the requested condition is met.

  1. Choose shearwall, shearwalls.

  2. Enter the properties.

  3. In the general settings tab, increase the shearwall width and click the OK button.



ΣAg = The sum of the cross-sectional areas of the structural system elements working as a shearwall parallel to the earthquake direction considered at any floor.

ΣAp = Sum of plan areas of all stories of the building

Vt = Total earthquake load (base shear force) acting on the building according to TBDY 2018 Section 4

fctd = Design tensile strength of concrete

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