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Transforming a Beam to a Shearwall

With the Beam to Shearwall command, beams are converted to shearwalls. At any stage of architectural and structural projects, the need to transform shearwalls with two columns inserted such as defined slab beams, basement perimeter shearwalls may be felt. Existing slabs and beams must be deleted in order to define a shearwall instead of a beam. With the beam to shearwall command, beams are converted to shearwalls at once without deleting slabs and beams.

Location of Beam to Shearwall Command

You can access it from the ribbon menu Modify tab under the Transform heading.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Beam to Shearwall icon.

  • Select the beam or beams to be transformed into shearwalls.

  • The shearwall settings dialog will open.

  • If necessary, change the dimension or concrete material properties.

  • Click the OK button.

  • The beam will be transformed to shearwall automatically without corrupting the existing data input.

Usage step

Beams to be transformed into shearwalls

Choosing the beams

Transforming beams into shearwalls

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