fctd = Concrete design tensile strength
fyd = Longitudinal reinforcement design yield strength
fck = Concrete characteristic compressive strength
fctk = Concrete characteristic tensile strength
fcd = Concrete design compressive strength
fyk = Longitudinal reinforcement characteristic yield strength
Ec = Concrete modulus of elasticity

Concrete Material

  • Concrete is designated as C35. Accordingly, the 28-day cylindrical compressive strength of concrete is 35 MPa and its tensile strength is 2.071 MPa.

  • Elasticity module is;

  • Design strength is obtained by taking the concrete material safety coefficient of 1.5.

Reinforcement Steel Material

  • Minimum characteristic yield strength of reinforcement steel has 420 MPa, a tensile strength between 1.15 and 1.35 times the characteristic yield strength and B420C steel with a strain corresponding to the tensile strength of 8%.

  • The design strength fyd is obtained by taking the reinforcement steel material safety coefficient 1.15 .

  • Material arrangements with ideCAD Structural are shown in the image below.