Concrete calculation line is drawn on the concrete stairs with the draw new stair concrete calculation line command. Concrete calculation line should be defined for the stair calculation, concrete and drawing. The the stair reinforcement calculation is made on the basis of the end force information at the position where the calculation line passes.

Stairs concrete calculation lines should be defined in continuity to cover areas that are continuous. For example, in a 3-stair flight stair, the calculation lines should be defined as the landing and the left stair flight as a single calculation line, and the landing and the other stair flight as a single calculation line within itself. With this process, reinforcements and stair sections are drawn in their own continuity. It is possible to select more than one field during calculation line definition.

Location of Draw New Stair Concrete Calculation Line Command

You can reach it under the Concrete tab in the ribbon menu under the Concrete heading.

Usage Steps

  • Click the draw new stair concrete calculation line icon.

  • Move the cursor over the stair.

  • Select the fields that are continuous with each other in order. Exclude non-continuous ones from the selection.

  • Press the right mouse button.

  • Give it a point so that it falls in the middle of the fields.

  • Move the mouse in parallel direction to the fields and give the second point.

  • Calculation line will be created.

  • In the same way, define the calculation line of other fields. You can do these operations for any aspect of the stair.

When an analysis is made for a stair with a concrete calculation line, the reinforcements, drawings and reports of the stair will be prepared automatically.

Usage step

Stair before creating calculation line

Choosing the first stair area

Choosing the second stair area

Determining the first point in the middle of the area

Scrolling the mouse in the direction parallel to the areas and determining the second point

Formation of calculation line

Stair after creating all calculation lines