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Photometric Light Settings

With the Photometric Light Settings command, settings such as the heading, pitch, elevation, light color of the light source are accessed.

Location of the Photometric Light Settings Command

You can access it under the ribbon menu Rendering tab, Light - Camera title.

Photometric Light Settings


Photometric light list

Photometric light sources installed in the project are listed.

3D preview

It is the front view of the light source. The dimensions of the type selected in the table above the relevant image in the image can be adjusted. You can rotate the image around itself by holding down the left mouse button and moving it. You can zoom in and out by holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse.

Light color

The color of the light is adjusted here. After clicking, the desired color is selected from the color palette displayed on the screen.

Drawing color

Changes the color of the light source drawing in the plan.

Text color

Changes the color in the plan expressing the name or number of the light source.

Shadow smoothness

Increasing the softness of the shadow allows to adjust the transition tone between light receiving and non-receiving surfaces.


It is the angle value made by the light source with the global x axis. Enter a positive value counterclockwise and a negative value counterclockwise. Its unit is degrees.


By entering a value between 0-360 degrees, photometric light direction change is provided.


The vertical position of the light source on the floor plan is determined. The level where the light source will be at a height of m / cm or mm from the ground is defined.

Light no

It can be named with the number given to the light source.

Sample count

It specifies at how many points the light will be calculated. It affects the quality of the edges of soft shadows.


A measure of the flow of light emitted from a light source within a unit solid angle. It is also referred to as amplitude, perceived by the human eye as brightness.

Cast shadows

When the option is checked, shadows caused by the light source are shown.

Show 3D objects

Shows the scattering diagram of photometric light in 3 dimensions.

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