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Start Page

The start page that opens after running ideCAD can be reopened at any time while working on the project. A new project or saved project can be opened on the start page, as well as accessing the ideYAPI knowledge base, videos, documents, and checking whether ideCAD is up to date.

After the project is opened, the starting page can be opened again if desired.

  • ideCAD icon/Start Page line in the ribbon menu are clicked.

  • After the selection is made, the start page will open.


New project

Click the New Project icon to open a new project . The new project dialog opens.

Open Project

Used to open an existing project. After clicking Open project, it opens in the Load Project dialog. If necessary, the project to be opened by changing the folder is found from the source. The project is opened by double clicking if desired. If desired, the project to be opened can be clicked and if the front image row is active, the image of the project is displayed in the dialog. The selected project can be opened by clicking the Open button.


Opens the help page.

Tip of day

Opens the hint window.


It checks for updates.


The ideCAD opens the version window.

Show on startup

If this feature is selected, the startup screen will appear every time the ideCAD is opened via its shortcut. If the last saved project is opened automatically when the ideCAD is run when it is not selected, opening the project  depends on the 'Load Last Project at Opening ' option in the Preferences dialog . If this option is selected, the last saved project will be opened automatically when the ideCAD is started, as mentioned above. This option is unchecked if the last saved project is not desired to be loaded automatically at startup. In this case, the user will need to open the project with Project / Open in the classic menu and with the ideCAD icon / Open in the ribbon menu.


With the projects tab, you can quickly access the last 9 projects you have opened. In addition to these, the last 9 projects worked in the ideCAD are kept under the project menu. The relevant project can be opened by clicking on the line with the name of the relevant project from the Projects menu.


You can get information about the ideCAD; It directs you to videos, documents, project pool, frequently asked questions, forum and web page.


You can find the announcements about the ideCAD here.


This tab contains contact information.


You can watch whether you are online or not from the right corner of the start page. If you have an internet connection, you will be automatically online.

Easy access to ideYAPI corporate social sites

IdeYAPI corporate Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages can be accessed in the lower right corner of the start page.

New Project


Please select new project type

If this option is checked, the ideCAD activates the settings of the project opened in the previous step in the new project. There are also two more options under this option: 'Load last used materials' and 'Load last used composite materials' . If these options are checked, the materials and composite materials of the project opened in the previous stage become active in the new project.

Start using default (Reset settings)

If checked, the ideCAD opens a new project with default settings.

Start using template

If checked, the ideCAD opens a new project by selecting one of the preset project templates. The template to be used as the setting of the new project is selected and the 'Open' button is clicked.

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