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Creating a Jamb Profile

Primitive objects are used to create a jamb profile. By creating a closed area, a drawn section is transformed into a jamb profile object. During the transformation process, the profile object archive is opened and the section is saved there.

While defining the jamb, one of the defined sections is selected by opening the Select Profile in the Jamb Settings dialog.

Location of Transform/Polygonal Profile (Jamp) Command

Usage Steps

  • Click one of the Primitive Object (multiple line, path, etc.) icons from the primitive toolbar or ribbon menu.

  • With the help of the coordinate system of the program, create a closed area by blocking the corner points of the section.

  • Select the lines and press the right mouse button with the cursor over the lines.

  • Click the Transform/Polygonal Profile (Jamp) line from the menu that opens .

  • The profile settings dialog will open and the prepared profile will automatically appear under the Jamb folder.

  • Give a name in the name section and click the OK button and close the dialog.

Usage step

Drawing sections with primitive objects

Transform to jamb section

Naming and saving the jamb section


Profile Settings



Profile list

List of registered profile objects.

Profile preview

There is a preview of the selected closed area along with the dimensions.

Drag & drop action


Choose to copy or move to a different folder

Library management


Save the created profile section to user defined library or remove existing profile section.



The profile section is named.

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