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Equivalent Lateral Force Conditions (

  • Equivalent earthquake load method; It is used to control irregularities as indicated in Table 3.6 .

  • Earthquake calculation is done automatically with the Mode Combination Method.

Earthquake loads acting on buildings; The floor level, which is assumed to accumulate the storey masses, is accepted as the horizontal load acting on the floors. Earthquake effects determined for two perpendicular directions are combined as specified in the regulations. The total equivalent earthquake load is known as the base shear force and is used in the earthquake resistant design of structures.

The equivalent earthquake load method is a method that takes into account only the effect of the 1st mode. For this reason, there are limitations in using the method.

  • Equivalent earthquake load method; ideCAD Static is used in IDS v10 to control irregularities as indicated in Table 3.6.

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