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A2 - A3 Irregularity Check

Performs A2-A3 Irregularity Check and prepares its report.

This control is carried out according to the conditions specified in TDY Earthquake Code 2007.

A2 - A3 Irregularity in the structure is decided by the user.

Location of A2 - A3 Irregularity Check Report

You can access the Reports tab under the title of EQ Code.

Receiving A2 - A3 Irregularity Check Report

A2 - A3 In order to control irregularity, an axis, and a line are needed.

  • Analyze first.

  •  Draw a line that cuts the beams and slabs in that area of ​​the project to determine the cross-sectional properties of the part of the project that you will check for irregularities A2-A3. Note that the line passes through the line with the weakest section features.

  • Select the line you have drawn by clicking on it with the left mouse button.

  • In the same way, choose an axle. The selected axle determines the location of the moment arm.

  • After selecting the line and axis, click the Report/Earthquake Regulation/A2-A3 Irregularity Check line.

  • The A2-A3 Irregularity Check dialog will appear.

  • If the delta value is zero, the torque is found according to the line formed by the selected axis. If the moment arm is at a certain distance from the axle, enter this distance as the delta value.

  • Select the top option if the columns to be irregularly A2-A3 are located at the top of the axis according to the direction of view, and the bottom option if they are located at the bottom. The program will generate the A2-A3 Irregularity Report when you click the OK button.

  • Then print the report.

Example A2-A3 Irregularity Check Report page

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