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Life Safety Performance Level

  • Plastic rotation limit value for controlled damage (KH) performance levels is calculated automatically according to Equation 5.7 and Equation 5.8 .


θ p (LF) = Allowable plastic rotation limit for Controlled Damage performance level [rad]
θ p (CP) = Allowable plastic rotation limit for Preventing Damage performance level[rad]
ε c(CP) = allow for Anti -Collapse performance level given confined-concrete shrinkage limit
ε c (LF) = allowable confined-concrete shrinkage limit for Controlled Damage performance level
ε s (CP) = Failure Prevention allowable reinforcing steel strain limit for performance level
ε s (LF) = allowable rebar strain limit for Controlled Damage performance level

TBDY Section as' mentioned, stacked plastic behavior model of the plastic hinges calculated controlled damage (LF) Performance Level plastic rotation limit values for θ p (LF) , Eq. (5.7b) is calculated by.

Plastic rotation limit value θ p (CP) value for the Prevention of Collapse (CP ) Performance Level of plastic hinges for new buildings According to TBDY Section is explained in detail in the Collapse Prevention Performance Level for Concentrated Plasticity Model. For the Controlled Damage (LF) Performance Level ofplastic hinges, the plastic rotation limit value θp(LF )taken into account as 0.75 times the θp(CP)

As stated in TBDY Section , limit values ​​for Controlled Damage (LF) Performance Level εc(LF) and εs(LF) Eq. It is calculated with a).

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