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Comparison of Regulations

Limit Coefficients of Regulations

  • LRFD - YDKT provides more realistic structural safety than ASD-GKT thanks to the precise statistical studies performed in load estimation and determination of safety coefficients for the load combinations,

  • LFRD - YDKT and ASD-GKT create design rules using different limit states. Economical design is carried out due to the difference between elastic and plastic design rules.

  • TS EN 1993-1-1 has the same philosophy as LRFD-YDKT. At the same time, compared to LRDF-YDKT, it provides a design closer to real behaviour with highly detailed section classification, load increment coefficients and safety coefficients.

  • Although the design procedure with TS EN 1993-1-1 is quite complex compared to other regulations, it provides less initiative to engineers, LRFD - YDKT produces more practical solutions.


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