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Setting Typical Rib

With the Set Typical Tooth command, the location of the type tooth in rib or waffle slabs is determined. When creating ribbed or waffle slab, it is important which type of rib will be considered as ribbed or waffle tooth.

Location of Set Typical Rib Command

You can reach it under the Concrete tab in the ribbon menu under the Concrete heading.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Set Typical Rib icon.

  • Select two rib to identify typical rib in ribbed slab.

  • If you want to define a single typical rib, you can double-click on the same rib.

  • If you want to define a single typical tooth in waffle slab, select the rib tooth in the intended direction.

  • If you want to specify a typical rib in both directions, click on the intersection of the rib you want to appear as a typical rib.

  • Your typical rib will be determined. 

Usage step

Ribbed slab before the typical rib appears

Identification of the first typical rib

Determination of the second typical rib

Ribbed slab after setting typical rib

Waffle slab before the typical rib appears

Typical rib determination in two directions

Waffle slab after setting typical ribs

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