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Creating a Corner Window

To draw a corner window; the walls are drawn with the command Curve wall and the chord count is given "1" in the forward settings of the wall.

If you check the bent door/window option in the door/window settings; the windows take the shape of the wall and settle them, if the straight door/window option is checked, it will settle by beveling the corner wall.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Curve Wall icon.

  • Click the Settings icon in the Wall rollbar that opens .

  • In the advanced settings tab of the wall settings dialog, enter the "Chord count" as 1 (one).

  • Draw an L-shaped wall by clicking two points with the Curved Wall command.

  • Click the Door/Window icon in the ribbon menu .

  • Enter the settings tab in the ODT door/window toolbar. In the door/window settings dialog, select the window type you want, enter the height and width values.

  • In the Layout tab, set the "Distance " value to zero.

  • Check the Bent Door/Window option from the type section .

  • Click the OK button to close the door/window settings dialog.

  • When you move the mouse pointer to the corner of the curved wall drawn in L shape, a preview of the window will be created.

  • Place the window by clicking the left mouse button. Quit the command by pressing the Esc key.

Usage step

Entering the curve wall command and giving the chord count as 1

Drawing an L-shaped wall

Adjusting the door/window settings

Placement of the window in the corner of the wall

Corner window

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