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TSC-2018 - Requirement / Design Assumptions (3.5.2)

  • In order to determine the performance levels of building carrier systems under the effect of earthquakes defined in Chapter 3.4 , the program automatically determines according to the Earthquake Ground motion levels and Earthquake Design Classes specified in 2.2 with Table 3.4 and Table 3.5 .


BYS = Building height class
DTS = Earthquake design class
DD-1 = Earthquake ground motion level
DD-2 with a probability of exceedance of 2% (recurrence period 2475 years) in 50 years = earthquake ground with a probability of exceeding 10% in 50 years (recurrence period 475 years) earthquake ground motion level
DD-3 = the probability of exceedance in 50 years is 50% (recurrence period 72 years)
DD-4 = earthquake ground motion level with 68% probability of exceedance in 50 years (recurrence period 43 years)
SH = Limited Damage
KH = Controlled Damage
MM = Before Migration

Normal Performance Targets defined for Earthquake Design Class DTS = 1, 2, 3, 3a, 4, 4a according to TBDY 3.5.1 and Advanced Performance Targets defined for Earthquake Design Class DTS = 1a, 2a are defined in Table 3.4 . Table 3.4 't Earthquake Design Class ' by the Solidarity by Design (DOT) to approach or by Strain Evaluation and Design (ŞGDT) approach shown by a performance target solution made with.

In the earthquake calculation made considering the conditions defined in Chapter 4 , the performance target is Controlled Damage (KH) and Design Based on Resistance (DGT) approach is applied using DD-2 earthquake ground motion level .

The rules defined in Chapter 5 and Chapter 15 should be applied in the Evaluation and Design According to the Shape (CSDT) approach .

Using the TBDY 2018 Analysis Settings Wizard, the performance target and the evaluation / design approach are automatically determined in accordance with Table 3.4 .

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