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Setting Revolved Object Angles and Surfaces

With the rotation settings, the starting angle of the revolved object, how much it will be rotated, and the surface properties are set.

Location of the Rotation Settings

You can access the rotation settings from the revolved object settings dialog.



When this option is checked, it indicates that the rotation will be clockwise, otherwise the rotation will be counterclockwise.

Start angle

Determines how much the object will be rotated angularly about the starting point.


Rotation angle is given. The object will be created by rotating the given angle.

Segment count

It is the value that determines the number of surfaces of the object to be created by the rotation method.

Cover start surface

Closes the star surface of the created object. Otherwise, the start surface of the object will be left open.

Cover end surface

Closes the surface of the created object at the end. Otherwise, the end surface of the object will be left open on the remaining side.

Examples of Revolved Object Angle and Surface Settings

When the angle value is 360

When the angle value is 250

When angle value is 250, cover start surface is active

When angle value is 250, cover start and end surface are active

When clockwise is not active

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