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I started with a white background template. How can I activate the black background template colors.

The following steps are followed to open and use the project with black background template colors.

  • When you click the ideCAD icon, click the New command from the list that opens .

  • In the new project dialog that opens, select start using new project wizard and click the open button.

  • The Country & General dialog will open. After selecting country and unit, choose the Black Background option for the project background color from the project colors section. Click on the next button.

  • Select the codes to use.

  • Click on the Finish button.

  • A new project file with the black background will open.

  • When you click the ideCAD icon, click the Open command from the drop-down list .

  • The load project dialog will open.

  • Activate by checking the Apply current pen and color option under the preview window in the dialog .

  • Select your project and click the Open button.

  • When your project is opened, the pen and color settings will be changed with the template settings you selected.

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