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Design Moment for Shearwalls


H w = Total curtain height measured from the top of the foundation or the ground floor slab
H cr = Critical curtain height
l w = Length of the curtain or tie-beam curtain piece in plan

7.6.6. Design Bending Moments and Shear Forces - For walls meeting the H w / l w > 2.0 condition, bending moments based on the design shall be taken as a constant value along the critical wall height determined in accordance with , equal to the bending moment calculated at the wall base according to Section 4 . Above the section where the critical wall height ends , a linear moment diagram parallel to the line joining the moments calculated at the base and top of the wall according to Section 4 will be applied (Figure 7.12) . In buildings with basements that meet the conditions given in , the constant curtain moment will be taken into account along the critical wall height defined in .
Design bending moments in all sections of walls with H w / l w ≤ 2.0 shall be taken equal to bending moments calculated according to Section 4 . - In the case of H w / l w > 2.0, the moments of bearing capacity of the wall sections at each floor must meet the condition given by Equation (7.3) for the columns in the strong direction of the wall . Otherwise, the earthquake calculation will be repeated by increasing the curtain dimensions and / or reinforcements.

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