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Insufficient rebar development length of beam

The Complete Message sample:

Insufficient rebar development length of beam K1 with objects C1 and S1 (TBDY

This message is given when the reinforcement development length of one of the beam reinforcements is not long enough within the shearwall and/or column to which the beam is supported.

7.4.3. Arrangement of Longitudinal Reinforcement

The following conditions are given in (b) .

In cases where the beams joining to the column do not continue on the other side of the column, the upper and lower reinforcement on the beams will be extended to the opposite surface of the core of the column wrapped with stirrups and bent 90 degrees from the inside of the stirrups. In this case, the total length of the horizontal part of the longitudinal reinforcement inside the column and the vertical part bent 90 degrees shall not be less than the straight clamping length stipulated in TS 500. The horizontal part of the 90 degree hook shall not be less than 0.4lb and the vertical part shall not be less than 12φ.

The error message is given when one of the conditions shown in the drawing is not met.


  • The total length of a + b should be increased. For this, the column size can be increased in the relevant direction.

  • The diameter of the longitudinal reinforcement can be reduced.

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