With the Steel Hand Rail Macro command, you can create your steel hand rails by referencing your steel beams. You can also create steel hand rail on your steel stairs with the steel hand rail macro command.

Location of the Steel Hand Rail Macro Command

You can access it under the Ribbon menu Steel tab Macro .

Usage Steps

  • Click the steel hand rail macro command.

  • Move the mouse cursor over the steel beams and a green arrow will appear. The green arrow shows the direction of your hand rail.

  • Determine the hand rail direction.

  • Repeat the process by selecting the beams where the hand rail will continue.

  • Complete the selection process by clicking the right mouse button.

  • Your hand rail will be created.

Usage step

Area to create steel hand rail

Selecting the stair beam to be created with a steel hand rail

Choosing the beams to be formed steel hand rail

After completing the selection process, clicking the right mouse button

Formation of steel hand rails