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Bond beam (Hollow) curtain adherence degree is not provided.

The Complete Message:

The tie beam (Hollow) curtain adherence degree condition is not met for the (X / Y) direction. TBDY by material bond beam (hollow) screen , Eq. (4.15) 'in the bond order is defined as the structural elements which satisfy the condition.

                                                                     Ω < 1/3 Think. (4.15)

If the condition defined in Equation (4.15) is not fulfilled, each part of the curtain is deemed to be a curtain without gap .

Your project is selected as the carrier system type hollow curtain system type and the degree of commitment of all curtains in the given direction is calculated greater than 1/3.


  • The value can be increased by increasing the height of the tie beams.

  • Alternatively, instead of the tie beam (hollow) curtain system, one of the structural systems without gaps can be selected according to the ductility level with the Analysis Settings / Analysis Settings Wizard for the requested direction . A15 for systems of high ductility level, A22 for mixed systems, A24 for mixed single-line gear deck systems, A33 for limited systems.

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