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Coupling Beam Reinforcements

Concrete design results for the coupling beam (coupling beams modeled with Single and Strip Foundations) are shown in the Coupling Beam Reinforcements dialog where the inability to relate to the coupling beams.

Location of Coupling Beam Reinforcements Dialog

After the analysis, you can access it by clicking the Coupling Beam Reinforcements command under the Concrete Design title of the ribbon menu Analysis and Design tab .

Coupling Beam Reinforcements



It is the name of the coupling beam in the plan.

B, H

The coupling is the width and height of the beam, respectively.


It is the number and diameter of assembly rebar.


It is the number and diameter of straight rebar.


The diameter of the stirrup is the middle zone and the squeezing zone range.


It is the number and diameter of the body rebar.


The bond is the axial force of the beam.


It is the total amount of rebar in the section.


As a result of the calculation, it is the amount of rebar to be placed in the section.


It is the amount of excess rebar in the section.


The cursor moves to the previous line.


The cursor goes to the next line.


The element rebuilds its concrete. The regulation calculations related to concrete and rebars are also made again. In important changes, it may be more appropriate to repeat the structure analysis instead of concrete.


It saves the changes made and closes the dialog.


Closes the dialog without saving the changes made.

Using the Shift key

In this tab, you can select more than one row with the Shift key, enter a value by double-clicking any cell whose value is open to change, and you can make that value apply to all selected rows.

Using the Ctrl key

Ctrl key, on the other hand, selects the lines in between one by one.

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