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Creating a Separator

Separators are objects that are used to make a case look like it has more than one glass, formed with the latest profile, similar to the frame edges. There is no split in the case on which the separator is created. It only appears to have separate glasses in appearance. Separators can be in a single line or can be formed by the succession of many separators. Separators have nodes as well as definition points.

To create a separator;

  • Click on the Line Drawing / Separator .

  • After clicking your first point , a dialog with the Finish button will appear and the Separator will begin to form.

  • The splitter will begin to change shape depending on the mouse.

  • After clicking your second point, the first splitter will be fixed and the second splitter will start moving depending on the mouse. In this case, if you click the "Finish" button, a single line separator will be created.

  • If you click your secondary point and continue the point placement process, when you click the finish button, a multi-lined separator will be created.


Since separators are generally in the form of a straight line, it will be easier to create a separator using orthogonal.

To make changes to an existing splitter;

  • Click on the separator. The splitter will turn green and the nodes will become active as red boxes.

  • The cursor shape will change when you hover over the node points. In this case, you can click the nodes and move them.

  • You can delete the separator by pressing the Del / Delete key on the keyboard .

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