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The drawings I imported from AutoCAD appear too big/small on my screen. Why?

This situation is experienced due to the unit difference.

  • Check the dimension on the drawing you imported using the distance command.

  • Measure the width of a door, for example.

  • If the width, which should be 100 cm, appears 100 m when you measure it, you need to reduce it 100 times.

You can use the Scale (Reference) command to shrink .

  • Click the Scale (Reference) icon.

  • Press the right mouse button. The shape of the cursor will change.

  • Click with the left mouse button to give the base point.

  • Enter the current length value 100 in the dialog that comes up and click the OK button.

  • The same dialogue will come across you again. Enter the new length value 1 and click the OK button.

  • At the end of the process, you will make your drawing 100 times smaller.

  • When you measure the width of your door with the distance command, it will be 100 cm.

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