Shear safety report of the columns is given as a subtitle in the column report. In column shear safety control, V e design shear strength is controlled according to the upper condition limits given in TS500 and TBDY and also by taking the upper limit of V r shear calculated from the transverse reinforcement .

  • Check if Equation 7.3 is fulfilled.

  • M ü and M a are calculated at the upper and lower joints of the column depending on whether it is provided or not.

  • V e = (M a + M ü ) / l n calculate the value of Ve. It is given in the And column in the report.

  • V r is calculated using the available transverse reinforcement . It is given in the V r column in the report .

  • Redundancy with vertical loads Resistance Coefficient of shear forces calculated from the sum of the earthquake was enhanced by D, Eq. If V e calculated by (7.5) is less than V e , this shear force will be used instead of V e . The upper bound value for ve is given in column V in the report.

  • It is checked whether the value of V e is greater than the upper limit values. If it is large, it means that column cutting security is not provided.