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Creating the Vault Form

With the "Vault"  command, the section drawn with two-dimensional tools is defined to the vault to form, and the vault form is created.

The steps you should follow are;

  • Draw the form of the vault section in the drawing area using the line, arc or curve commands.

  • Click the Roof/Vault command.

  • Select the lines, arc or curve you have drawn to determine the section form by clicking with the left mouse button in the drawing area.

  • Click the right mouse button the cursor will change.

  • Click on the drawing area with the left mouse button. The clicked point will be the starting point of the vault.

  • Drag the mouse cursor. The vault will stretch with the mouse cursor. By pressing the space-bar key on the keyboard, you can have the vault defined at the bottom, top or middle.

  • Click the left button again to select the second point of the vault. The vault will be drawn.

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