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Shearwall capacity ratio > 1

This message is created by giving the element name and solid at the beginning of the report.

For example, SW1 Ground Story, Capacity ratio >1

Three possible solutions to increase the beam capacity ratio less than 1 are explained below.

Possible Solutions

  • Shearwall head reinforcements can be increased.

  • Appropriate carrier system arrangement can be made. Shearwall length or thickness can be increased.

  • Shearwalls with a cross-sectional shape of T, L, U or C must be defined as a shearwall group (polygon shearwall). (it needs to be mentioned because there are many users skipping this)

  • Detailed information of the capacity ratios for the shear walls can be seen in the Capacity Design tab of the Reinforced Concrete Shearwall window. By using this section, it can be seen at which end of the shearwall, under which combination effect, the capacity ratio is exceeded and can be intervened appropriately.

  • In the Capacity Diagrams tab of the Reinforced Concrete window , the interaction diagram under the effect of axial force and biaxial bending in the 2 and 3 directions of the shearwall can be seen. In addition, the envelope area due to all loading combinations is also visible. By using the Capacity Diagrams tab, it can be determined under which force the shearwall is forced.

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