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Formwork Scaffolding

The weight of reinforcement and concrete used in the design of the formwork scaffolding is G=25 kN/m 3 Live loads are taken into account as Q=2.5 kN/m 2.

  • G+Q is taken into account in the design of slab and beam formwork.

  • In column and wall formworks, the concrete pressure (Ƥ) acting on the side surfaces of the formwork is taken into account.

R represents the concrete casting speed [m/h], and T represents the concrete casting temperature [°C].

  • Wind load is calculated according to TS498 and is taken into account in the design of the outriggers.

  • The total number of stories (n) where the pillars are used sequentially starting from the ground story is entered as user defined.

The design principles of formwork and the design example of column formwork scaffolding are explained in detail under this title.

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