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Creating a Square Bar

The rectangular bar frame is an object that can be used for various purposes, allowing objects such as wings to be created directly without the need to define a rectangular profile. It is created within the facade (xz plane). It has knots on both ends.

To create a rectangular bar;

  • Click the Line Drawing / Square Bar . The square bar command will be activated.

  • Click the starting point of the bar in the drawing area. After clicking the first point, you will see a dialog where you can set the profile properties of the rectangular bar you want to draw.

  • Make this adjustment and set the second point and click. The bar will be drawn.

To make changes to the existing square bar;

  • Hover over the existing rectangular bar and click it. The bar will turn green and there will be nodes shown with red boxes at both ends.

  • You can change the bar by clicking on the nodes with the mouse and moving the mouse.

  • To change profile and material properties, move the cursor over the relevant bar and click the right mouse button. Make the changes you want in the dialog that comes up.

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