This problem may be caused by incomplete copying and deletion of files for report generation in the program installation folder.

Please follow the steps below to solve the problem.

  • If antivirus software is available, disable it.

  • Close the program.

  • Uninstall ideCAD Structural 10 program from Programs and Features section.

  • Delete the C:\Program Files\ideCAD\ideCAD Structural 10 folder.

  • Delete the C:\Programdata\ideCAD10 folder.

  • If you can't see the ProgramData folder, it may be in a hidden location. You can make it visible by checking the "Show hidden files, folders and drives" option in the "Folder and Search options" section.

  • Install the program again.

  • Press and hold the Ctrl and Shift keys simultaneously and together on the left side of the keyboard.

  • Run the program shortcut by double clicking on the desktop.

  • Do not release the Ctrl and Shift keys until the message "Registry entries and settings are cleared" appears on the screen. (The warning may remain in the background).

  • Click OK on the warning.

  • When the program is opened, try to upload your project, analyze it and get a report.

With this operation, the menu, toolbar and shortcuts are brought to the initial state of the program.