According to TBDY 2018 9.3.2, the condition that strong column - weak beam is checked by Equation 9.7. Calculations are done for the first floor beams and the PL007 column.

It is determined as Cpr=1.2.





The shear forces VdR and VdL (1.2G+0.5Q+0.2S) determined only under the vertical loads in the above equations are obtained under the load combination.

Under the load combination 1.2G+0.5Q+0.2S+D(Ed (X) +0.3E d(Y) )+0.3Ez, the axial compression force, PucZ, is determined.

1.2G+0.5Q+0.2S+D(Ed(X) +0.3Ed(Y))+0.3Ez combination of axial compression force under load, PUC1 is determined.