The edges of the raft foundations are surrounded by strips or shearwalls. However, in some cases, some edges of the raft foundations are not covered with these elements, they are empty. However, in order to define raft foundation, the boundaries of raft foundation must be defined in some way.

The program has developed raft edges for this job. Raft edges are objects that are used to determine the raft foundation boundary. All boundaries of raft foundations or borders not defined by strips and shearwalls are defined by the raft edge.

Location of Raft Edge Command

You can access it under the Concrete tab Foundation title in the ribbon menu.

Usage Steps

To draw a raft edge:

  • Click on the Raft Edge icon in the ribbon menu .

  • The raft edge toolbar will be opened.

  • To create a raft foundation, you must create a closed area.

  • Create your first point for the closed polygon by clicking with the left mouse button in the drawing area.

  • You can draw a straight or perpendicular edge by pressing the shift key on the keyboard.

  • Repeat these steps to create your closed polygon.

  • Exit the command by pressing the esc key on the keyboard. You can now define raft foundation.

Usage step

Creating the first point of the raft foundation edge

Obtaining a straight or vertical edge with the Shift key

Creating other edges for the raft foundation

Completing the creation of the raft foundation edge