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Transverse Reinforcement Detailing for Beams


ϕ = Rebar diameter

7.4.4. Transverse Reinforcement Conditions

In beam supports, the region twice the height of the beam from the column face is defined as the Confinement Zone . Along this zone special seismic hoops defined in 7.2.8 will be used. Transverse reinforcement with a diameter smaller than ϕ8 will not be used in the confinement areas and the distance of the first stirrup to the column face will be at most 50 mm. Unless a more unfavorable value is obtained according to , stirrup spacings shall not exceed 1/4 of the beam effective height, eight times the smallest longitudinal reinforcement diameter and 150 mm ( Figure 7.8 ). Outside the cuddling zone, TS 500The transverse reinforcement conditions given in will be complied with. Spacing of stirrup arms perpendicular to the beam axis shall not exceed 350 mm.

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