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Creating a Dome Gutter

The Dome Gutter command creates an object on the dome edge by default, with a selected profile.

Location of Dome Gutter Command

You can access it under the 3D Geometric Objects title of the Ribbon menu, Facade tab.

Sweep Toolbar



Draws a continuous form object according to the selected section.


Draws a cartonpierre object.


Draws a baseboard object.

Border on wall

Draws a border on the wall object.


Draws a cordon object.

Roof gutter

Draws a gutter around the roof object.

Dome gutter

Draws a gutter around the dome object.

Parent based

Draws asweep while adhering to the contour of an object like zone etc.

Sweep operations

Opens an auxiliary toolbar with commands for changing sweep.

Section list

It is the list that allows the section of the sweep to be determined. A profile is selected from the list while drawing the object.


Displays the folder of profiles saved in the project or to disk and allows sweep.


Displays the settings of the sweep.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Dome Groove icon from the Sweep toolbar .

  • The Parent Based mode in the toolbar is automatically active.

  • At the same time, the profiles to be used in the Dome Groove object are listed in the Section box .

  • If wanted, a different profile can be selected from the Section box.

  • Move the mouse over the dome and click the left button.

  • Dome Gutter will be formed around the dome.

Usage step

Bringing the mouse over the dome

Creating the dome gutter by clicking the left mouse button

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