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Dome & Vault Design Settings Section

With the Dome & Vault Design Settings, the design parameters used in Concrete Dome and Vault Design are determined. Concrete cover, maximum and minimum reinforcement percentage etc. parameters are determined from the Dome & Vault Design Settings window.


Concrete cover

It is the distance from the center of gravity of the dome-vault tensile rebar to the outer face of the concrete.

Min. percentage

It is the ratio that determines the minimum value of the rebar to be placed in the dome or vault. The program selects the rebar to be placed in the dome or vault, not less than this area .

Min. reinforcement interval

This parameter is taken into account when choosing rebar in domes and vaults. If the distance between two rebars is less than the minimum rebar spacing, the rebar diameter is increased.

Max. reinforcement interval

The distance between two rebars cannot be more than the value entered in this parameter.

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