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How can I open a space for shearwalls?

To create space for shearwalls, first define the shearwalls.

  • Ribbon menu tab concrete concrete from the title Shearwall Settings , click the icon.

  • The shearwall settings dialog will open. In the Structural/Concrete tab, enter a finite element width value.

  • Click the OK button to close the dialog. Create a shearwall.

  • Click on the door/window command.

  • Click the Settings icon from the opened door/window toolbar.

  • The door/window settings dialog will open. From the Types tab, select a door/window suitable for the shape of the gap.

  • Make the size and elevation settings from the placement tab and press the OK button.

  • Hover over the middle point of the shearwall you have drawn and click the left mouse button to place the window/door in the form of a space.

Sample opened shearwall 3D view


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