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Shell Results

The results of the shell elements are examined through the building model.

Location of Shell Results View Feature

You can access the Shell Results tab by clicking one of the structural elements under the Shell Elements title in the ribbon menu, Analysis and Design Display tab .

Selecting the Shell Element to Show

The shell elements to be examined are selected from the component list.

Shell elements and examples

Shell elements solved with the structure

All shell elements in the structure are shown together.

Sample M11 diagram according to the negative and positive sign regions of all shell elements in the structure:

Slab results

Vertical loads, example for M11 moment diagram:

Raft results

Example of top side reinforcement areas diagram under raft foundation earthquake loading:

Dome and vault results

Example of displacement diagram under vertical loads for dome and vault:

Stair results

Sample displacement diagram of a two-arm space stair, which is supported from the foundation to the upper story floor in the building, with an empty intermediate platform:

Pool results

Pool moment diagram example:

Selecting the Property to Display for Shell Elements

The internal force, offset or rebar area to be examined is selected from the list.



The displacement diagram of the shell elements according to the selected combination is shown.

M11, M22, M12, V13, V23, F11, F22, F12

The diagram is shown according to the selected cross section effects. For more detailed information, see Local Axes of Shell Elements.

As 1-bottom side, As 1-top side, As 1-visible side, As 2-bottom side, As 2-top side, As 2-visible side Rebar areas diagram according to the selected area is shown.

Base pressure

Shows the base pressure diagram of raft foundations.

Base pressure check

It shows the control diagram whether the base pressure of the raft foundations exceeds the soil bearing strength (qt) given in the analysis settings. Red areas mean that no control is achieved.

Shell Results Tab


Show mesh

You can mark to display finite element meshes created in shell elements

Show local axis

If checked, local axis of the elements are shown on the elements.

Show rebar axis results

Shows the moment diagrams of the calculation axis belonging to the plates on the structure.

Show signs only

You can mark them to color them according to their signs of internal forces occurring in shell elements.

Show minimum on envelope results

It shows the minimum internal forces achieved in design envelopes.

Use hotspot scale

It provides rapid examination of deformations by making color grading between dark red and yellow from less to more.

Manual scale factor

If the option is not selected, the scale factor deemed appropriate by the program is applied for internal force diagrams. If checked, the desired scale factor value can be entered manually in the box on the left.

Manual contour range

By selecting the option, upper and lower limits of the internal force value to be examined in shell elements can be entered in the boxes on the right. The color scale showing the internal force distribution on the shells is rearranged according to the entered limit values.

Set existing rebar area

While examining the rebar results of the shell elements, it can be shown here whether the manually typed rebar meets the rebar area required by the relevant load combination. If the entered diameter and range are equal or more than the required area by the relevant load combination, the diagram is colored blue.


The shell elements to be examined are selected from the component list.

Case/combination to view

By selecting the appropriate load combination from the list, the internal forces that occur in the elements due to this combination, selected in the component tab, can be graphically examined on the structure.

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