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Peak Velocity Pressure

  • The peak velocity pressure qp(z) at height z is calculated automatically.

  • Air density ρ is defined by user.


ce(z) = Exposure factor
Iv(z) = Turbulence intensity
vb = Basic wind velocity
vm(z) = The mean wind velocity
qb = Basic velocity pressure
qp(z) = Peak velocity pressure
ρ = Air density

The peak velocity pressure qp(z) at height z, is calculated using equation below.

The National Annex may give rules for the determination of qp(z).

Air density, ρ may be given in the National Annex. The recommended value is 1,25 kg/m3.

Exposure factor ce(z) is defined equation given below.

Basic velocity pressure qb is defined equation below.

For co =1,0 and kI =1.0 illustrations of exposure factor ce(z) is defined in EN 1991-1-4 Figure 4.2.

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