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It cannot be used with high ductility level.

The Complete Message:

Structural systems with high ductility level cannot be used in reinforced concrete systems with unidirectional gear floor.

In the article of TBDY 2018 , it is stipulated that the carrier systems consisting of reinforced concrete frames with single-directional geared floors with or without filling will be classified as structural systems with limited ductility level and will only be used in buildings with DTS = 3 and DTS = 4.

For this reason, high ductility level is not preferred for unidirectional gear floor systems.

Possible solutions:

  • A mixed selection of continuity level can be made by using the Analysis Settings / Earthquake Code wizard.

  • The type of flooring can be changed. Girder / Cassette Floor type can be applied instead of unidirectional gear flooring.

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