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  • Shear force control ratio of reinforced concrete section V e / (b w d f ctm ) <0.65 is controlled automatically and limit values ​​are changed automatically.


b w = Element body width
d = Element useful height
f ctm = Current concrete tensile strength defined according to
V e = Design shear force based on column, beam and curtain

The ratio of the shear force of the reinforced concrete section in the structures where earthquake calculation is used with linear calculation methods or nonlinear calculation method in determining the earthquake performance with the Assessment and Design Based on Shaping (ŞGDT) approach of existing buildings,

  • V e / (b w d f ctm ) <0.65

If it satisfies the condition , material deformation and plastic rotation limit values ​​found in are used exactly.

If the shear force ratio

  • Ve / (bwd fctm) > 1.30

The material deformation in and plastic rotation limit values ​​are reduced by multiplying the limit values ​​by 0.5. Linear interpolation is applied for intermediate values.

The V e value used in the above equation is the shear force values ​​used in ductility control of reinforced concrete elements .

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