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Structural System Selection

Structural system selection is controlled by user.

Wizard the necessary instructions are made by user.

Design coefficients and factors selected by user in the analysis settings wizard and report results are checked automatically.

International Design Codes

ASCE 7-16 : Structural System Selection per ASCE 7-16 with ideCAD

TSC 2018 : R and D Coefficients For Seismic Force-Resisting Systems

Notation in ASCE 7-16
Cd = Deflection amplification factor
Ωo = Overstrength factor
R = Response modification coefficient

Seismic Force-Resisting System is defined as, the part of the structural system that has been considered in the design to provide the required resistance to the seismic effects. In the Seismic Design Codes, the structural systems consisting of structural elements (column, beam, shearwall, brace) and Modification Coefficients of these structural seismic force-resisting systems are defined. Modification Coefficients vary according to the structural system type and ductility level. Response modification coefficients are defined in Seismic design Codes.

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