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Column Required and Design Strength.

  • Column required strengths are calculated automatically.

  • Column design strengths are calculated automatically.

İnternational Design Codes

ACI 318-19 : Column Required and Design Strength

TSC 2018 : Axial Force and Biaxial Moment Interaction for Columns Column Shear Design Forces

Notation in ACI 318-19

D = dead load
E = earthquake load
L = live load
Lr = roof live load
Mn = nominal flexural strength at section, in.-lb
Mu = factored moment at section, in.-lb
Pn = nominal axial compressive strength of member, lb
Pu = factored axial force; to be taken as positive for compression and negative for tension, lb
R = rain load
S = snow load
Tn = nominal torsional moment strength, in.-lb
Tu = factored torsional moment at section, in.-lb
U = strength of a member or cross section required to resist factored loads
Vn = nominal shear strength, lb
Vu = factored shear force at section, lb
W = wind load
ϕ = strength reduction factor

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