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Set Entity Direction

The Set Entity Direction command is used to change the viewing directions of beams and strips. The beam viewing direction can be understood from the directions of the beam texts.

Location of Set Entity Direction Command

You can access it from the ribbon menu Modify tab under the Entity Edit heading.

Usage Steps

  • Click the set entity direction icon.

  • Select the beam whose direction you want to change. When the arrow that appears along the beam is reversed and its color changes from red to green; the direction of that beam changes.

  • You can also select multiple beams whose direction you want to change.

  • Press ESC to exit the command.

  • You will see that the beam texts, therefore the beam are turned upside down.

Usage step

Beams before entity direction is changed

Beams with entity directions

Selecting the beams to be diverted

Beams after entity direction is changed

The beam and strip directions are not architecturally significant. However, it is important in terms of structural continuity.

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