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  • Minimum clear spacing between the contact lap splice and adjacent splices or bars is controlled automatically according to Codes

  • Tension lap splice length and Compression lap splice length is controlled automatically in accordance with Codes.

İnternational Design Codes

ACI 318-19 : Splices

TSC 2018 : TSC Splices

Symbols in ACI 319-19

As = area of nonprestressed longitudinal tension reinforcement, in.2
ld = development length in tension of deformed bar, deformed wire, plain and deformed welded wire reinforcement, or pretensioned strand, in.
ldc = development length in compression of deformed bars and deformed wire, in.
lsc = compression lap splice length, in.
lst = tension lap splice length, in.
Ktr = transverse reinforcement index, in.
db = nominal diameter of bar, wire, or prestressing strand, in
f'c = specified comprehensive strength of concrete, psi
fy = specified yield strength of nonprestressed reinforcement, psi

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