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Drawing a Circle Slab Edge

With the Circle Slab Edge command, a tile edge is defined in a circular form .

Location of Circle Slab Edge Command

You can access it under the Concrete tab in the ribbon menu under the Concrete heading.

Usage Steps 

  • Click the circle slab edge icon.

  • Click the point you have set as the center with the left mouse button.

  • When you move the mouse, a circular form will appear at the tip of the cursor.

  • After determining the radius of your circle, click the left mouse button.

  • A circle slab edge will form.

  • Exit the command by pressing the Esc key on the keyboard. You can now define slab.

Usage step

Area to draw a circle slab edge

Determining the center of the circle slab edge

Creation of circular form preview

Determining the radius of the circle slab edge

Formation of circle slab edge

The area after the slab is created

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